Fate Stay Night

Fate Stay Night

June 7, 2013

The story takes place in an ordinary Japanese town, Fuyuki City. Hidden from society, there has been a deadly war going on in this town. Seven sorcerers known as Masters summon a powerful familiar called Servants and they all fight each other till the last one. The last one is said to attain the Holy Grail which will grant them a wish. Only a few knows when this War started and what the Holy Grail is, but the war was about to begin again this year.

The main character is Emiya Shirou, who lost his parents in a fire and was adopted by a man who called himself a sorcerer. Admiring his step father, he has been training himself to be a sorcerer. However, he had no talent and he could barely use one type of sorcery. His step father has already passed away, and today he’s a sorcerer without any skills or knowledge. He is involved in the War of the Holy Grail when he accidentally summons Saber, who is said to be the strongest servant of all…

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Fate.part01.rar – 200.0 MB
Fate.part02.rar – 200.0 MB
Fate.part03.rar – 200.0 MB
Fate.part04.rar – 200.0 MB
Fate.part05.rar – 200.0 MB
Fate.part06.rar – 200.0 MB
Fate.part07.rar – 200.0 MB
Fate.part08.rar – 200.0 MB
Fate.part09.rar – 200.0 MB
Fate.part10.rar – 200.0 MB
Fate.part11.rar – 6.5 MB

Uncensored Patch

Fate Uncensored.rar – 19.8 MB

English Patch

Fate-stay_night_English_v3.2_[mirror_moon].exe – 64.9 MB


– Extract the files. To install the game follow these steps: Go to the “Installation files” folder and mount “FateDisc1.cue”. DO NOT use the disk installer. After mounting, go to the “English Patch” folder and run the “Fate-stay_night_English_v3.2_[mirror_moon].exe”. The patch installer will begin installation and you can choose to install the voice files or not. During the installation, Disks 2 and 3 will be required. When that happens mount “FateDisc2.cue” and “FateDisc3.ccd” respectively and if you chose to install the voice files it will be required for you to mount the “kfc-fsn.ISO” located in the “Voice file” folder. If you want to install the uncensor patch and if you installed the voice files, copy the “patch7.xp3″ that it’s in the “Uncensor Patch” folder and paste it in the folder where you installed the game.

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